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CRO in Barcelona - BioCleverCRO in Barcelona - BioClever
CRO in Barcelona - BioCleverCRO in Barcelona - BioClever
Thus, in pharmaceutical companies, it is of vital importance to conduct clinical trials to test drug efficacy and, particularly, to overcome all legally required protocols established to market them; that is why, it is necessary to contact a CRO in Barcelona
BioClever CRO in Barcelona has years of experience in the industry and has been UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 certified since 2009; we offer all our services to every company in the pharmaceutical and food industries to conduct any type of clinical trials (Phase II-IV), as well as additional services such as medical writing or biostatistics.  

Clinical Trials, CRO in Barcelona

All our services are based on trust. Therefore, our clients always get personalized treatment, based on their specific needs, that allow us to help them design, develop and follow up on all their clinical trials in compliance with legal regulations, both at the national and international levels, and thus help them reach their goals. 

All the services offered on our website are developed by professionals of the industry with years of experience, 80% of whom have been certified by the ACRP. Our CRO in Barcelona always offers a customized service provided by highly qualified personnel who will oversee the whole follow-up of the project, from beginning to end, and whom our clients can contact at any time should they have any requirements or doubts that may arise during the design and development process of their clinical trial. 


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