Clinical Trial Monitoring

Clinical Trial MonitoringClinical Trial Monitoring
Clinical Trial MonitoringClinical Trial Monitoring
Monitoring is key when carrying out any clinical trial. At BioClever,  all clinical trials are monitored using state-of-the-art tools, which facilitate follow-up and allow investigators to associate data from different studies, under the control of the Project Manager, our link with the client, always ready for clarifying any doubts about the design or development of the studies or trials conducted. 
Thus, clinical trial monitoring helps control (and sometimes predict), at any time, any issues that may require more time; or, if it involves an unexpected circumstance, it enables us to offer a quick solution to prevent any modifications of the results of the clinical trial that is being conducted and thus allow us to conclude it with the utmost reliability and professionalism that characterize us.

Monitoring our clinical trials to obtain results

At BioClever we have a specific tool to monitor clinical trials that allows anyone involved, whether the investigator, the client or the Project Manager, to control the different phases. This system is Clinsight, an electronic tool that allows us to carry out and automate the whole clinical trial process, thus enabling us to monitor it in a faster, more agile and reliable way, with access to any information that may be required at any time to finish preparing the final report.  


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Introducing BioClever's new Website

Welcome to our new website, where our pharmaceutical and medical service clients can find all the services we offer as an autonomous, flexible and contemporary  clinical trial ,  CRO, as well as the best options for the design, management and development of their clinical trials, always with the highest quality as certified by UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 since 2009.