Electronic CRF

Electronic CRFElectronic CRF
Electronic CRFElectronic CRF
One of the essential factors in the conduct of clinical trials is data collection. For that reason, the use of electronic systems to collect data is becoming increasingly widespread, because they are faster, more accurate, and reliable regarding the information required to develop a clinical trial. In this sense, one of the most outstanding features is the electronic CRF (Case Report Form).

Its multiple advantages include being able to access it anytime, anywhere: all you need is a terminal and a network access point to enter or consult the data you may need. Furthermore, this eCRF system allows to gather information in a more reliable and efficient way because the investigators themselves are the ones who sign in with their password, enter the necessary data, or even consult or continue accessing them. 

Data Collection Using eCRFs

At BioClever, our eCRF enables us to constantly follow up and correct data, therefore ensuring higher quality, because data entry is more precise and done in less time, thus providing the investigator with more time to perform other activities aside from our study. 
Thus, if you would like us to show you our data collection system, do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. We will be glad to assist you. 

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