Coaching event organized by BioClever CRO and the European University of Madrid.

Coaching event organized by BioClever CRO and the European University of Madrid.
On May 26th, BioClever organized a new conference of general interest. On that occasion, the guests were a select and reduced group of professionals holding executive positions and responsibilities in leading companies of the pharmaceutical industry. 

The conference was a coaching session led by Álvaro Merino, expert in emotional intelligence and talent management in business and sports organizations, academic director of Real Madrid University School from 2006 to 2010, and currently a mentor at this same university, a task he combines with his work with athletes and coaches, as well as with executives of many Spanish and international companies. 

The conference was held at the European University of Madrid in an extraordinary setting which combined knowledge, dialog, brainstorming, plurality and effort, both individual and in teams; all these concepts went beyond the idyllic and were firmly put into practice. 

From the moment we arrived, we found ourselves in a relaxed environment, because we were there to listen and, of course, to learn and improve ourselves. No one stood out as the lead character; we all showed our best smile and immediately attempted to get to know the other attendees. We didn't even need to say what role we had in our organizations; we were there as individuals, seeking only to expand our minds and acquire, if possible, new tools or resources to keep moving ahead in the competitive world in which we develop our careers. 

Álvaro Merino knew how to convey a constant flow of wisdom, acquired during years of his own experience, introspection, study, hard training and working with high-performance teams from the sports and business elite. 

During the break, the general tone remained the same: no one started private conversations behind closed doors; they were all making comments and sharing experiences, talking about ideas that Álvaro had just presented quite brilliantly, and it was an event in which we all undoubtedly accomplished more than we expected and that we certainly wish to repeat in the near future. 

Thanks to Álvaro's great insights, we left the conference with thoughts that will last in our minds for a long time, and many of them certainly will accompany us for the rest of our professional careers. Other ideas we can even put into practice, train and develop in our lives, and the best of all: everything was conveyed in an easy, clear and straightforward way, always based on clear examples from the real world of highly competitive sports, but also from daily life. 


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