Clinical Trials

Clinical TrialsClinical Trials
Clinical TrialsClinical Trials
A  clinical trial is a study that investigates how a drug —whether under development or already in the market— works to check its efficacy (Phase II-IV clinical trials). 
It is made up of several sections or phases based on their object of study (which is not always a drug), which is why there are many companies engaged in conducting  clinical trials, such as BioClever, which provide services to the pharmaceutical industry. 
This sector increasingly needs companies specialized in conducting all or most phases of a clinical trial  to be able to keep moving forward with protocols established for the validation and approval of any drugs in the market, not only at the national level, but also globally.

Estudios y Ensayos Clínicos

Thus, any company dedicated to the conduct of clinical trials helps its clients manage, accelerate and reduce the assumption of certain risks by pharmaceutical companies, as well as drive investments in research in this field, since it is always necessary to keep innovating in the performance of clinical trial protocols to be able to provide every client that requests it with a better specialized service, adapted to all their needs. 

At BioClever, we are aware of the importance of offering a better service and development of our clinical trials , based on the quality and excellence that we have acquired because we are a specialized company with years of experience in the field of CROs in Spain. Thus, any company that needs to conduct a clinical trial can contact us and we will provide them with the best solutions and tools, as well as a team of qualified professionals that can handle any type of clinical trial (as long as they are Phase II-IV). 

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Early Termination of a Clinical Trial

Early Termination of a Clinical Trial

A clinical trial finishes when the last patient enrolled completes all their visits and follow-ups. However, a clinical trial may be terminated early for different reasons.
Regulations concerning clinical trials with drug products

Regulations concerning clinical trials with drug products

At the 11th Congress held by the Medical Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (AMIFE, as per the Spanish acronym), held on November 12-14 in Madrid, one of the issues discussed was the status of the Clinical Trial Royal Decree, which is currently awaiting the ruling of the State Council, since the text is almost finished, as stated by Mr. César Hernández, Head of the Committee on Medicinal Products for Human Use of the Spanish Agency of Medicinal Products and Medical Devices (AEMPS).